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Lauren Smith

Lauren teaches ballet, pre-pointe, pointe, jazz, improv, and lyrical at Raise the Barre Dance Academy. She started her dancing career at four years old and has been dancing ever since! Throughout her career, she has studied ballet, jazz, tap, pointe, lyrical, and modern dance. She graduated from Appalachian State University where she majored in Dance Studies with the intention of teaching dance in a studio or school setting post-graduation. She has also attained certification for ballet and jazz by 'Test to Teach' through Dance Masters of America, and she is now a member of Carolina Dance Masters Chapter 15.   

Classes Offered

Dance/Tumbling Classes
DANCE WITH ME - (Ages 12 months-3) This class combines creative movement and ballet to introduce the youngest student to dance.  This class is designed for a student and a parent/grandparent/adult and participation is required.  The class consist of creative movement, fun games, song and dance, and lots of interaction and imagination.  As the child grows and becomes more independent, they can transaction into the next class without a chaperone.  This class will cover an introduction to basic ballet movement and action skills.    

BALLET -  (Ages 2-Adult)  The foundation of all dance forms.  Ballet demands grace and precision while employing formalized steps and gestures set in intricate, flowing patterns to create expression through movement.  Technique is developed at the barre and continues to grow and show in the center of the floor.  Ballet is the most important dance form.

TAP  -  (Ages 4-Adult)  Tap uses the feet as a musical instrument.  It teaches the student how to count music and form different rhythms to music.  It teaches precision and clarity and helps develop balance and control.  

JAZZ  -  (Ages 6-Adult)  Jazz teaches the student how to isolate different parts of the body.  Jazz helps develop core strength, balance, and control.  It teaches the student how to transition smoothly between steps and build self confidence for stage presence.  

HIP HOP  -  (Ages 3-Adult)  An urban style of dance that teaches popping, locking, and breaking.  This style is seen in music videos and involves battling and gliding.  

LYRICAL/CONTEMPORARY - (Ages 9-Adult) Lyrical dance is a modern dance form which fuses modern dance, jazz, and ballet. This form is often referred to as contemporary dance. This dance is very expressive, therefore the dancer should be aware of his or her facial expressions while dancing.  It often is built around a story or a theme.  Ballet and Jazz is required.

MUSICAL THEATER/BROADWAY JAZZ - (Ages 8-Adult) Musical Theater is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dancing.  This class will teach the students how to have emotional aspect when dancing that tells a story. 

PRE-POINTE/POINTE/PBT (Ages 9-Adult) - This class is to push the ballet dancer even farther.  The 1st half of the class uses pilates apparatus to work on core and balancing techniques then the 2nd part of the class students will develop skills at the barre, across the floor, and at center to get them ready for pointe work or to begin pointe.  It will be the teachers discretion as to weather a student will be allowed to wear pointe shoes in class.  A student MUST reach certain criteria before progressing to pointe.  This class will strength ankles and develop a better ballet dancer. 

TUMBLING  -  (Age 2-Adult)  Basic tumbling including forward and backward rolls, handstands, headstands, back bends, and cartwheels.  It develops core strength, balance, and control.  

ACRO/TUMBLING  -  (Ages 6-Adult)  Includes basic tumbling including forward and backward rolls, handstands, headstands, back bends, cartwheels, and roundoffs. After a level 1 is completed then the student will advance to a level 2 which includes back walk overs, front walk overs, handsprings, aerials, and tucks.  It develops core strength, balance, and control.  Levels will be added as student needs to be challenged.  Level 1-Level 6

Fitness Classes
ZUMBA - (All Ages that can follow a hour dance structural class)  -  Zumba is based out of Columbia and it shares the rich cultural style of Cumbia, Reggaetón, Salsa, and Merengue.  These styles are fused together with todays hip hop giving you a rich dance history in an energetic fun dance class.  Its like having a big dance party.  Every month new material is introduced.  This class is not only fun but offers the perfect way to get fit mentally and physically.  Designed for ALL fitness levels.  Each class is only $5.  

POUND - (All Ages that can follow a 45 minute dance structural class) - Do you like to ROCK?  Well this class is for you.  This is an exhilarating full body workout that combines cardio, conditioning and strength training with yoga and Pilates inspired movements.  Using ripstixs (lightly weighted drumsticks) POUND transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out.  Take out the stress on the dance floor and become the music.  Designed for ALL fitness Levels.  Each class is only $5.

Class Attire and Shoes

Female Student Age 12 months-3 - Pink Leotard Any Style with Pink Footless Tights for (Dance With Me) and Footed Tights for 2-3 year old class. Chaperones wear anything that is comfortable.  

Female Student Age 4-5 - Black Leotard Any Style with Pink Footed Tights

Female Students Age 6-up - Black Leotard Any Style with tan tights, solid black dance skirt, fitted dance shorts or capris are allowed NO PANTS , dance pants are allowed for hip hop only

ALL Female TUMBLING/ACRO Students - Biketard/Leotard of your choice, Fitted Shorts optional (NO JEAN SHORTS) NO TIGHTS Barefoot

Female and Male Hip/Hop/Funky Jazz Students Age 6-up - Anything Comfortable that you can dance in

Male Students  (All Styles except hip hop)  -  Solid Black Shorts, Capris, or Fitted Dance Pants NO JEANS and solid black tank or t-shirt

NO LOTION, OIL, OR EXCESSIVE HAIR PRODUCT ALLOWED IN CLASSROOM.  Please do not put this on your child before coming to class.  

Female Student
#150 Stretch Ballet Shoe (Classic Pink)
Age 2-Adult

#826 U Shell Tap Shoe  (Dark Tan)
Age 9-Adult
 #RD60014 Easy On Student Tap (Dark Tan) Age 4-8

Jazz/Musical Theater
#606 Premium Pull On Jazz Boot  (Dark Tan) Age 6-Adult

Hip Hop/Funky Jazz
#991 Ultra Arch Dance Sneaker  (Black)
Age 3-Adult

#219 Sole Shield (Nude) Age 9-Adult

Male Student
#151 Stretch Ballet Shoe (Black)
Age 2-Adult

#521 Intro JT Shoe  (Black)
Age 4-Adult

Jazz/Musical Theater
#601 Premium Pull On Jazz Boot(Black)
Age 6-Adult

Hip Hop/Funky Jazz
#991 Ultra Arch Dance Sneaker  (Black)
Age 3-Adult

#219 Sole Shield (Nude)
Age 9-Adult

All Shoes and Attire can be ordered by clicking on ORDER NOW.  


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(Except Competition Fees for Competition Students and initial Startup Fee if Starting after Aug 31 for RECITAL STUDENTS) $35 NEW STUDENT Registration Fee per child $25 Current Student WAIVED IF ATTENDING SUMMER CLASSES/CAMPS (Season runs Aug 21, 2023-June 15, 2024 – if starting after initial startup date there will be an initial startup fee to cover costumes)

- 1 Summer Showcase (June 14-16, 2024)
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Class Time Per Week                     Monthly Tuition
30 minutes                                                   $54 a month 
45 minutes                                                   $59 a month 
1 Hour                                                           $67 a month
1 Hour 15 minutes                                      $82 a month
1 hour 30 minutes                                       $92 a month
1 Hour 45 minutes                                      $100 a month
2 hours                                                          $108 a month
2 hours 15 minutes                                     $116 a month
2 hours 30 minutes                                     $122 a month
2 hours 45 minutes                                     $130 a month
3 hours                                                          $138 a month
3 hours 15 minutes                                     $145 a month
3 hours 30 minutes                                     $152 a month
3 hours 45 minutes                                     $159 a month
4 hours                                                          $168 a month 
4 hours 15 minutes                                     $174  a month
4 hours 30 minutes                                     $180 a month
4 hours 45 minutes                                     $187 a month
5 hours                                                          $195 a month
5 hours 15 minutes                                     $198 a month
5 hours 30 minutes                                     $203 a month
5 hours 45 minutes                                     $209 a month
6 hours                                                          $215 a month
6 hours 15 minutes                                     $220 a month
6 hours 30 minutes                                     $227 a month
6 hours 45 minutes                                     $232 a month
7 hours                                                          $238 a month
7 hours 15 minutes                                     $243 a month
7 hours 30 minutes                                     $249 a month
7 hours 45 minutes                                     $255 a month
8 hours or more (unlimited class)            $260 a month

5% - if paid in full entire season (Aug-June) 10 months

Solo/Private Lesson Fees (Payment due when booked)
$45 per half hour
$75 per hour 


Intellidance Babies, Tots, and Tykes ARE NOT in the recital - $40 a month for 1 class a week or $50 a month for 2 classes a week NO REGISTRATION

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